Capital World Trading Ltd is a 40+ year old family-owned textile and apparel business priding itself on its experience in Asia as its foremost strength. Since 1967, from a small Hong Kong trading company to a global textile/apparel group with its own manufacturing facilities - our story exemplifies persistence, hard-work, and integrity.

The company today deal in yarns, fabrics, and finished apparel – which it has strategically identified as its key focus for growth for the years to come. We operate offices in Taipei, Shanghai, Shaoxing, Hanoi and our manufacturing subsidiary (Kiara Garments) in Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

Business Model:

Vertically Integrated Apparel Manufacturing & Management - Our vertically integrated management and manufacturing model gives us a variety of advantages which consequentially get passed on to our partners/customers. As we have our hands in each step of the production chain, we add tremendous value by reducing cost, improving quality and efficiency while also having greater control, and most importantly great flexibility. Our fabric sourcing and production teams have dealt with a large variety of fabrics and support our apparel teams with timely and quality raw materials. In order to ensure quality, we have a QA process at each step allowing us the ability to detect problems early and troubleshoot efficiently.

Our Locations:

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